Guys,here’s why I think di**ty t**t messages are so freakin cool and appeal to the lazier man:
Women get tur**ed on by words – Women are serial fantasists, which mean that get massively ar**sed by words and imagining se**al scenarios. This can give you tremendous power.
It’s private – Your phone is private to you, so noone is going to read those texts unless you want them to. This allows her to be very sexual and naughty without her friends finding out and calling her a slut.

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Low pressure – There aren’t any cockblocks, social pressures or uncomfortable silences which means that she will be open to say things much faster than she would in person, without the same thought process of a high pressure situation

You set the tone and pace – It’s up to you how fast or slow you want to build things up se**ally with a text and no matter how long you leave it before you reply, you will always start from that point. Meaning you won’t have to start the whole sex**l build up all over again.
So now you know why a dirty text can be effective, let’s move onto the actual di**y texts to send gi**ls to get them all hot and bothered.

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