Here are 10 Things You Should Never Say To A Woman – Number 3 And 1 Can Make Her Run Away From You
There’s probably a million things that men still need to learn and accept when it comes to women – one of those things is knowing there are just some things you aren’t allowed to say in a relationship. If it’s a platonic friendship with a woman, there are still some things men aren’t allowed to say because when we get down to it, some things are just upsetting and offensive to women.
Fighting and being called a jerk is never fun, but believe it when it’s said that there are things you can do to prevent tension and arguments in the future. If you assess a situation and really think about what should and shouldn’t be said, that’ll get you out of hot water real fast. All it takes is learning how to develop a filter. Here are 15 things that men need to learn never to say to women. Trust us, dudes, these little hints will save you so many headaches.

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10. “Is that what you’re going to wear?”
Before going out with your girlfriend, even if it’s just to the store, do not ask her “is that what you’re going to wear?” Asking this is pretty much opening the door for her to ask you if she looks bad or if she should change. Covering it up with “oh, no, I was just wondering,” isn’t a get-out-of-jail-free card either. She’s going to wonder why you were inquiring about what she was wearing in the first place, and most likely end up changing and checking with you on everything she tries to wear in the near future.
9. “You take so long to get ready”
Appearance is where a lot of a women’s confidence comes from. Some women can spend a few hours on getting ready – it’s really that serious. If she spends a lot of time on her makeup and her hair, it’s best to just appreciate that you have somebody as beautiful as herself and that she cares about the way she looks. Telling her “you take so long to get ready,” is already something she knows, but it’s going to annoy her after a while. Instead of telling her it took her a long time, tell her that her makeup or hair looks good or that she’s beautiful. It’s not hard to swap the two phrases out and it’ll leave her feeling good.

8. “You always do that”
This phrase isn’t nearly as bad as some others, but when in a fight, it’s best to avoid it. If your girlfriend does something cute that you like, that’s the only time it’s okay to say “you always do that.” If there’s something that she does in a fight or something that you don’t like in general, it’s best to try and find something else to say other than “you always do that.” Saying this is definitely going to open the door to a fight or she’s going to challenge you with the bad habits that you always indulge in

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