'I want to be slapped and f*cked like a slut' - lady reveals her fetish desiresA Twitter user is making rounds on the platform after she revealed her sexual fantasy. According to the lady, she wants to be bitten and slapped as that is what will ake her enjoy s*x.
The lady answering the question what will make everyone feel alright now said;

S*x!! Not just that regular sex o. Intense pounding with mad foreplay, biting, slapping, dirty talks. I want to be punished because I’ve been such a bad girl. I wanna be spanked. I wanna be f*cked like a slut. I want to beg for mercy and repent on the dick with squirt and tears.”

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  1. OMG, Your size dey here o, #good_decision, thats another made heaven, slut.