Image result for 16 Things All Men Need To Understand About Periods – Your Girl Will Love You Forever If You Know No. 8 And 10Men can be so oblivious when it comes to women’s issues and sometimes they choose to ignore us
and our problems. However, when it comes to periods there are very many things we would like men to understand and one of them is that it is not disgusting and it is normal. Yes, we bleed every month and we become a bit monster like but not because we want to but because of the hormones that are usually raging within us. This is why this article will be helpful to you and your boys, read it carefully and stop asking us irrelevant questions about our God-given c-cle.
Here are things all men need to understand about our periods:
1. A p-riod can last anywhere from two to seven days.
2. Imagine we crave s-gary stuff and fried food, so let us pig out

3. Stop asking how badly cramps can get. It literally feels like red ants biting our insides.
4. We can test positive 6 days before our missed p-riods come.
5. Yes, sometimes we can be a day late and tend to think we are pregnant but just chill out till we confirm.6. When you say you only want to meet after our periods is just f*ck boy 101.

7. PMS is so real and we can be a hormonal mess.

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