Image result for black couple in  bedSome ladies will tell you to promise not to do anything silly when they come. This is a usually a sarcastic statement they often use to test a guy if he's indeed a man. Just when you invite a lady to your house and tells you on the phone that you to make a solemn not to initiate s ex during her visitation, be sure that she's only being sarcastic. This is common with teenagers

2. "I don't like Dull Guys"

I have been tagged a dull guy by many ladies an this is because I don't have the courage to initiate love making, or perhaps, I don't even know where to start from. As a matter of shame, when a lady visits me today her chances of paying me a subsequent visit is very slim. One even visit me last year and after she had spent five hours with me she began to ring to my ears that she hates to visits dull guys. Could you believe she called me as soon as she got to her house and started using sango and ogun to swear for me if I ever call her. 

3. Your lips are Sexy

To lure a guy into love making, some ladies will keep staring at you and will confess that your lips are sexy and conspicuously succulent. This means that she wouldn't mind locking lips with you.

4. "Don't tell me your joystick has Erec.ted ?"

Another way many ladies lure guys to bed is that they will focus on your joystick region just to know if it's above its default state.. The moment your obviously frustrated joystick exceeds its normal level, she will shake her head telling you how disappointed she is, and that she never expected your joystick to be erected. Most times, I use pillow to cover my joystick region so that a man of God like me will not fall for such temptation.

5. "I'm having body pains, Can you Massage Me?

To lure a guy to bed, some ladies will pretend to be suffering from body pains and will ask the guy to massage their body, perhaps their back. When the guy is massaging the back, they will instruct him to move down a little bit, down to the their butts and before you know it, the rest is history. I don't need to tell you what will happen next.

6. "Don't play Porn movie here oooo"

Just when open your videos folder on your laptop to play a movie and she tells you not to play porn oooo otherwise she will vacate the room for you. Be rest assured that she definitely wants you to say something nasty so that argument and rough play will kick start. cheesy

7. "I hope you are the only one at home?"

Prior to her arrival she might inquire if you're the only one at home and if you say "yes"; she will smile and tell you to be prepared for her "prepare for her? shocked . Guys note that when a lady is curious to know if you are the only one in the house she definitely wants to know whether your kid brothers will not be lucifer that will cause distraction

8. "There's heat, come and fan Me"

Some ladies will tell you they are feeling heat, therefore, they need you to fan them with perhaps hand fan. When you are fanning her a metre away, she will tell you to come close jhooor, and before you know kissing and cuddling don start and the rest is history 

9. "You are not Romantic"

Just when both of you have watched series of movies, played computer games, cracked jokes, browsed social sites and all that, and she suddenly looks into your eyes and tells you that you are not romantic, she definitely wants the hormones in your body to resurrect so that you can make a move. This statement is normally used to lure guys to bed

10. "I'm feeling Cold"

When a lady starts complaining about cold when the room is heating like a bakery then something is wrong. It means she wants you to come close to her. If you offer her a blanket, she will tell you to come lie beside her and the whole thing is history

I drop my pen at this point

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