Image result for black couple eatingThe food we eat can affect our s3x drive in both a positive and negative way. Here’s the list to watch…Cheese: Dairy, generally, is a libido killer. For many, dairy is congesting and mucus-producing, so not the ideal way to feel before s3x! Beans: This depends how you are digesting beans. For some, they’ll feel full of energy after a bean-filled meal; for others,they may feel sluggish or, at worst, bloated and even an increase in flatulence. So, best avoided.
Chocolate: Choose your chocolate carefully, as not all chocs are bad. Go for dark chocolate that contains a minimum of 70 percent cocoa, as it will be the most nutritious way to consume this delicious, sensual food! Dark chocolate is naturally high in manyantioxidants. Choose raw for the highest possible levels of naturally occurring nutrients. Chocolate is rich in L-tryptophan, which is aprecursor to serotonin. With good levels of serotonin, we feel happier and this decreases our stress levels. Dark chocolate also contains phenyl ethylamine, which is the same ‘feel good’ chemical that the body produces during those first moments of falling in love.
Hot dogs: The high saturated content of hot dogs can clog upthe v@ginal and p3nile arteries, making this the least romantic\handheld treat around. All processed foods are a no for libido. Hotdogs are a very processed food in an overly processed bun that provides very little nutrition. You may feel sluggish and low in energy – not good for feeling s3 xy.

Peppermint: The menthol in peppermint has been shown to reduce testosterone levels, sending your s3x drive plummeting. And while bad breath is a turn-off, definitely do not chew gum, as chewing brings more air into your system, making you prone to burp.

Tonic water: This often contains quinine, which is used as a flavouring agent in tonic water and some other beverages. Quinine has been used as an anti-malarial agent, but it’s been linked to a decrease in s3xual function, so avoid before s 3x.

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