Popular relationship expert Joro Olumofin shared this screenshot of an email from one of his anonymous female readers who is lamenting over her boyfriend smell.
According to the lady, her hearts skips whenever she wants to visit her boyfriend because of his constants smell.
Hy joro, so i have been dating my bf since February this year. The first time I went to his house I perceived something, I thought it was his duvet so I decided to wash it the next morning. The next morning I washed it and I left, the next time I came to his house I still perceived it until I finally noticed it’s a**.
He doesn’t clean it well I don’t know if it’s because he said he has pile. One day he sat on my chest to give me b**bs job after it the whole of my chest kept smelling till I washed. He easily gets angry and always feeling his right, Do you think I should tell him or just breakup because my heart skips whenever we are to see, things easily get me irritated. , she wrote.

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