Are you planning to walk down the aisle?Finding a perfect partner is not easy.
Many people end up living with the wrong person because they never took their time .
Not all men out there make good husbands
If your guy doesn’t have these 4 qualities, don’t marry him:
1. Honesty and trustworthiness
A good man is one who gives you a peace of mind.
He is always truthful in everything he says and does.
2. Family oriented
A man who is ready to settle down values the family.
If he is not family oriented then something is wrong somewhere.
Only get married to a man who is ready to have a family.
3. Financial planning skills
Money matters can make or break your marriage.
If he lacks the financial skills then there are chances you will find yourself in debts.
Marry a man who understands the financial dynamics.
This makes it easier to live a happier life when you get married.
4. Appreciative
Women want men who appreciate them.
If he does not appreciate you then think twice.
Appreciation motivates the woman to do better things in life.
Source: Havvissa

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