“Guys with dreadlocks have nothing to offer” – Nigerian lady rantsA Nigerian lady identified as Blinkscash on Instagram has taken to the platform to rant about her experiences with men keeping dreadlocks.
The lady who claimed to have dated about 5 men thak keep dreadlocks, said that they have nothing to offer good to offer in a relationship and it’s time wasting dating such men.
She wrote,
Before I love guys with dread but in all my relationships with them they are nothing but heartbreakers..play boys and good for nothing asshole… a reasonable guy with matured mind don’t keep dreads.
… about 5 relationship with dreaded guys is nothing but time wasted no matter my effort ..I hate guys with dread now ,I dislike them with passion and they have nothing to offer …

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  1. You are from the same source. A lady that date dread guys mayb you were type that put short skirt. You believe in handsome and beauty of him.