Image result for hot nigerian girl1. If your girlfriend comes to your house and join you in drinking garri, marry her.
2. If you take her to a restaurant and she picked gala/satchet-water instead of expensive meals, she’s understanding, marry her.
3. If she sees someone with a Bugati but she decided to follow you with ‘keke’, my brother, she is the right Girl.
4. If both of you enter a taxi or bus and she pays,that’s a good sign.
5. She comes to your house and wash even your brothers and sisters clothes, my brother, she’s yours.
6. You gave her 50k for shopping and she went for ‘used clothe’ and she brings back 45k to you, marry her because she knows how to Economize.
7. She calls you everyday and ask if you need airtime, brother claim her o.
8. If the girl use to give you her pocket money every week, she loves you, marry her.

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