Image result for Checkout The 5 Steps You Should Take After Your Woman Chea!ts On You1. Avoid all contact: You need time and space to assess the many different things that you must be feeling. It is a good idea to cut off all contact with her and be on your own for a bit.
2. Don’t threaten the guy she cheated on you with: This is a bad move and might end up working against you, just showing how desperate you look.
3. Talk with close family and friends: What you have gone through must be really overbearing for you. It is likely not something that you’ll be capable of handling on your own based on the amount of trust that you extended the lady in question. You’ll need people who would tell you that it’s okay no matter what decision you make.
4. Face her: When you do, let her know exactly what she did that hurt you. Tell her why it is so painful to you. She would grovel and apologize but you should be as succinct and direct as possible. Stand your ground and stick to whatever decision you have made concerning the issue.
5. Take time to heal: Accept that you are distraught by this. Stop questioning your ability and what you could do better or not. Know that regardless of whatever effort you put, she would have cheated, still.
Understand that there are a variety of reasons why she did this… some of which might have nothing to do with you.

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