Reasons why girls say no to you: Every guy has one time or the other faced rejection from females and believe me, it is one of the things that hurt the most. For those who still find it hard to have their way around ladies, this article is for you, follow the rules here and see how girls will flock around you.

Here are the reasons why most girls would probably not be attracted to you
1. You Commit Too Much
Girls want that guy that remembers every single thing, like – the anniversary, first kiss and other romantic touchy feelings stuff but, when you begin to act like you don’t have a life of your own, then you’re in trouble
They begin to snub your calls, cancel appointments and everything about you irritates them
2. You Stink
No one likes a smelly person. You can’t walk up to a girl with a smelly mouth, not to talk of dating one. Who do you think would be attracted to you? Can you be attracted to shit?
Your smell alone can reset a person’s brain. Use deodorants and perfumes before you walk up to any one abeg.
3. Bad fashion sense
Your dressing is the first thing a girl would notice. First impressions matter a lot. You can’t wear a tattered singlet and walk up to a girl, she’ll turn you down and from then on, you’ll be referred to as “That guy with tattered singlet”
Don’t wear over-size or under-size too. Don’t allow your clothes look like they’re inherited, Let your clothes be your size
4.You’re broke
We’re in Nigeria, where poverty is everywhere. You can’t want a girl and be broke. If you don’t have enough money to take care of yourself, then stay on your lane bros.
Being broke is a major turnoff for women. Girls don’t want to suffer with you, or else, you hit jackpot and find Otedola or Dangote’s daughter
5. You want to have s3x so bad
Most guys enter relationships for the s3x. Some girls may like it at first but then, no one wants to be a machine. As a famous saying goes: “Too much of anything is not good”
Let the s3x be moderate, She’s not a s3x doll
PS: In some cases which are not as often as the points highlighted above, a girl might not be attracted to you even if you’re the best man on earth. Don’t force it, not every lady can ‘feel you parol’. Please and please, never feel entitled to anyone

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