Below are 4 reasons why most African men love thick African women…
Yes,it’s an open secret that African men have a soft spot for thick women. Unlike their counterparts in western countries who prefer the thin and slim, most men in the motherland like their women to be well rounded with some amount of flesh in the right places. It makes one wonder what exactly it is they see in such women that makes them go crazy. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons African men love thick women

A typical African woman is strong and hardworking. Not only does she take care of her husband and children, she also ensures that the home is in order. Laziness doesn’t exist in her dictionary. Before the imitation of the white man’s lifestyle, African women flaunted their thick bodies with pride as they took pride in catering to their families doing chores from the house to the farm. Times may have changed, but that image of the African woman still lingers in the hearts of most men. With a thick woman, they don’t have to worry so much because they are sure she can hold the home together.

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