Image result for black couple in bedFrom early age, women have been taught to be good girls. Don’t wear short skirts, don’t reveal so much cleavage, sit properly, and don’t be the girl every guy dates. The mixed messages of being empowered and independent at the same time to acting virginal are beyond ridiculous.
It’s no wonder that as women get older, they find themselves caught up between what their natural body wants in sex and how she is supposed to behave. Sex is a natural act among consenting adults. As long as there is no one getting hurt in the process, just about anything goes.
Yet, women continue to struggle to speak up in the bedroom. Here are some things that your partner secretly wants you do but is too shy to ask or admit. Starting with open communication and a comfortable zone is just the beginning to a fantastic sex life.

#1. Stop being so predictable and surprise her with a sexy time out the blue.

Do you usually have sex on Wednesday and Sundays? It's not about all the stuff that has to get done in the day. Surprise her as she is walking past you in the hallway and seduce her.

#2. Try to be more sensuous by softly kissing her.

It may sound cliché but women love it when men pamper them with rose petals on the bed, a glass of wine, and seductive kissing. You know she loves it when she happily kisses you back.

#3. Women may have been taught to act a certain way in the bedroom but they still love rough sex.

Your partner does not always want to do it missionary style. She wants you to be strong and in control. Whether it's biting, gently pull her hair or even spanking, this dominant style drives her wild. Remember to have a "safe" word for both in case it feels like this type of sex is getting out of hand.

#4. She likes to play dress-up and we don't mean a Disney princess.

Everyone imagines themselves as a superhero, villain or even in a completely different occupation. The point is to let the inner actor come out to play and perform.

#5. Women tend to be horniest in the evening hours but that doesn't mean you can't try early on.

Bring her breakfast in bed and begin with a massage or a kiss. You'll be surprised how quickly she turns into a morning person.

  • #6. Convince her to tell you what she wants from sex. Send her sexy texts throughout the day.

    Sex is good but she may also like it when you talk dirty to her. Are there particular parts of her body that she wants touched? You will never know if you don't ask and she may be too embarrassed to tell you outright.

    #7. Do you need to be somewhere in 10 minutes? No, then for goodness sake's slow down!

    This is the perfect time to explore her erogenous zones. Look into each other's eyes, kiss, touch, and touch some more. Savour every minute of lovemaking.

    #8. Your partner may not publicly admit it but she loves oral sex.

    Not every oral act is the same. Some women prefer for the labia to be stimulated while others prefer the clitoris. You will get a better idea when she either straight up tells you or when her body is completely relaxed. Take your time. One tip, start kissing her from the neck and work your way down.

    #9. Why don't you do some of the work and undress her.

    Slowly take off her clothes, start with her dress and move on to the bra and undies. This should definitely include a lot of touching and kissing. This is one sensual step that is often ignored or done way too quickly.

    #10. Don't be shy and explore having sex outside the bedroom.

    Have sex in the shower, on top of a washing machine, the work desk. Heck, go to the car like the good old days. The point is to be adventurous and remind her that you want her anytime and anywhere.

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