Hi guys, i understand that we’re all human and one of the biggest insecurities among both men and women is whether or not they’re good in bed or able to satisfy their partners.

If you’re unsure on whether your partner is satisfied in bed, you can always have a talk and communicate on things you like and don’t like in bed as well things you’re open to trying out.
The last thing you want is to have when dating, is a boring $ex life. That’s why it’s important to talk about bedroom matters early on in the relationship.
Still, there are small clues that tell you that a man is satisfied with you in bed. Sure, men are all different and people enjoy different things in bed.
However, a majority of men will show these signs when they’re happy with you in bed.

1. He develops a high $ ex drive.

If you really hated doing it with someone, would you keep going back? No. So if your guy has a drive, it means that he really enjoys having $-ex with you and you satisfy his sexual needs. That’s why he’s coming back for more live Oliver Twist.

2. Affection.

A man who really likes you and will show you affections. He will kiss and cuddle you, he will suddenly be caring and romantic. He will be so into you, not just in bed but also outside of the bedroom.

3. Spontaneous $-ex.

Does your man suggest random $-ex? You’ll be watching a movie together and suddenly you’re both into it even when it’s not planned? Well, that’s a sign of a sexually satisfied man.

4. He doesn’t stray.

Most of the time, men cheat when they’re not getting what they need. If you’re man is not one to cheat and have a wandering eye, he most probably is $exually satisfied with you.

5. He gives you 0ral $-ex.

Not all men are keen on going down on ladies. We have all come across such species. But a man who likes you and is satisfied with you will want to return the favor and give you a mind blowing cunnilingus.

6. And not just that,

He will constantly come up with new tricks and styles to please you better and make sure that you’re satisfied too.
Doing the same thing over and over can get boring. The last thing he wants is for you to get bored in bed. He will take it upon himself to try new things in bed for your pleasure. Think of it as keeping up with you.

7. He will constantly be in a good mood.

8. He tells you that he really likes it with you and is always flirting and complimenting your bedroom skills.

9. He has not mentioned that you need to improve on something, sexually.

10. Now it’s your turn, so feel free to add your opinions/experiences in the comment box.

You guys know am still a learner and am always willing to learn from my bosses! Thank you!

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