Image result for nigerian girl with big breastThe very first thing many people notice about a woman after her smile and eyes are, of course, her bre@sts. There’s nothing to be ashamed of, as we all know what it is all about. We spend so much time checking them in broad daylight, but we fail to satisfy and give them the attention they deserve when the lights go off.
Men normally go down in the middle of the legs of a lady as they get more delight there and overlook the bosoms.
As per s€xologists, the bosoms of a lady are a region of incredible delight, yet it’s a misjudged thing for men since they don’t have bosoms. A considerable measure of the data we assemble about bosoms is from the media and from p0rn.
Understanding All B’reasts are Not the Same
Because you fulfill one accomplice before, that doesn’t mean a similar will work to fulfill your next accomplice. Numerous ladies need bosom incitement as delicate, delicate prodding, and some need it unpleasant and unusual. You have to see how to fulfill your lady first.
Start gently—until you know what she likes
Don’t just grab them the moment you start foreplay, let your fingers gently touch the skin around the n!pples and the surrounding areas of the bre@sts, as you breathe warm air over them.
Come From Behind
Try and cup her bre@sts from behind while kis$ing her on the neck, then gently run your fingers and hand around the entire bre@st to arouse her more. To satisfy her more you can gently press on the n!pple using your index finger and start massaging them in a circular motion till they harden.
Communicate… without disturbing the mood
During s€x ask your woman about how she feels, while you’re touching and playing with her bre@sts or by doing what will satisfy her. It does sound awkward, but this communication will benefit both and will make the s€xual act more enjoyable.
Let her be the teacher
While having s€x, give her the power to be your teacher. Ask her holding her bre@sts what she wants you to do with it, this will make it more er0tic and pleasurable.
Reach around from behind during d0ggie-style or place her own hands on her bre@sts as she rides you so she can show you just how she likes to be touched.
Pay attention to her reactions and breathing
Try and focus on what’s going on with the rest of her body, her breathing, her m0ans, her flush, but never ignore the bre@sts because s€xual arousal causes more blood flow to the brea$ts, and often results in the brea$t tissue swelling up to 25%, her skin on the brea$ts will redden and the areolas will darken which will show that she’s enjoying it.
If she likes rougher play, get a little kinky
A woman likes to have some sort of control around their brea$t, therefore getting a little rough and kinky with them makes them feel s€xier. You can use n!pple clamps or use your teeth, a little pressure can make it hotter for her.
Use different sensations
Try and make it adventurous for her by using a combination of hot and cold touches, which can be as arousing as clamps, like ice cubes, silk and lace can be super hot for a lot of women and really pleasurable.

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