Nigerian lady refuses to eat food served without meat or fish by her mother-in-lawA Nigerian lady has taken to social media to seek for advise after her man refused to pick her calls for refusing to eat food served without meat.
According to young lady, she felt really embarrassed she was the one who washed the goat meat used in preparing the food.

I was invited for the first time by my supposed mother in-law . So I decided to go visit her today because I don’t work on Saturdays. When I got there, I was really comfortable because the house is well furnished and everyone in the house was nice to me.
Then few minutes later after they finished cooking, which I also helped out in the cooking. She sent their house help to serve me this. The portion of EBA is not even the problem because I don’t eat much but I have never eaten a meal without meat or fish inside before.
When I saw the food, I felt really bad because I was the one who washed the goat meat she used in preparing it. I felt really bad and embarrassed. I snap it so I would show my fiance but I left the food untouched and went home.
I have been trying to reach my guy to explain what happened but he has refused to pick my call. Please house did I do wrong? And please what should I do?, she wrote.

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  1. Na test u fail u suppose to eat small in it bf u live d rest u made a big mistake

  2. She only wanted to know if u would be able to stand by her son if things eventually go bad some day, it was just a test and u failed. I might be a girl but this was exactly what happened to my aunt but unlike you, she eat the food wash the plate and stayed for a while before coming home and guess what..???
    Her mother in law to be called her over and prayed for and also gave her a check of #500,000

  3. Abeg who tested her before she got married, you have shown who you are, no need pretending