Like always, I am here with a beautiful article. As you all know, I try to make life easier for you, I try to make relationships better for you and most importantly, I try to make sure the lady you are chasing says YES to you. Now, this article from Samantha Ann, is one you shouldn’t miss! Not only is it insightful, as always, it is very very potent! Yes, potent. Read below:
Whether you’re looking to cheer up a friend, flirt with your crush, or just want to know how to make a girl smile, these are the tips for you. You might think learning how to make a girl smile takes tons of practice or swagger, but in reality it isn’t all that difficult. All most girls want is for you to be genuine and a smile should pop right up.
But if you’re shy, nervous, or just don’t have much experience here are some surefire ways to get that smile

Crack a smile yourself
Before we even get into the tips and tricks, smiling is a great way to get anyone to smile at you. Keep it friendly, not over the top or clown like. You don’t want to freak this girl out.
But if you aren’t much of a talker or just want to make a girl smile from afar, show off your pearly whites, and she most likely will crack a smile right back

What is your end game?
Are you looking to date this girl? Are you trying to start a conversation? Or do you want to cheer up a friend? Knowing where this is all going is a great place to begin.
You may not want to go in with a joke if you’re trying to cheer up a sad friend, but a compliment could be perfect for another situation. So, think about the appropriateness of your attempt in your specific scenario

How to make a girl smile
When you want to make a girl smile, don’t overthink it. You could come across awkward or weird. Rather just take a deep breath and go in with confidence. Most importantly, be yourself.
Most girls have pretty good intuition and can tell if you’re using a line or are too prepared. Being genuine is your best bet.
#1 Compliment her. This is an oldie but a goodie. A solid compliment can go a long way. But let’s start with a smile.
Keep it simple, you don’t want to make her uncomfortable. Saying something like “Wow, you look so nice tonight,” or even, “That dress looks amazing on you,” is classic. This doesn’t feel like you planned it out or came up with a clever saying. A good old fashioned compliment is always golden.

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