Men have particular characteristics that can attract women much, but sometimes assume attitudes that can also cause them to lose interest in a matter of seconds, there are certain things that a man can do or say that turn out to be completely disappointing for women.
Most of those things men just do them without any ill intention but they can make them lose every opportunity to conquer a woman. In this sense, here are 9 Reasons Women Lose Interest in a Man:
Male chauvinist: When a man makes macho comments the conversation becomes a little annoying, as it will only reflect his ‘perfect man’ personality for a modern woman, that is, he is very likely not looking for anything formal.
Self-centeredness: If you only talk about yourself, your goals, his tastes and everything that has to do with you alone. A man who does not stop concentrating on himself makes any woman want to flee from his side.
Does not talk enough: It is okay that in situations both remain silent, it is also normal for both of them to talk too much, but if the man constantly repeats “Tell me more about yourself?” Is a sign that the man does not have many topics of conversation and that in the long run, he can be a bit boring.
Being controlling: If the guy does not have anything serious yet and he’s constantly asking where she’s going, who she is with and wants to follow her agenda all day and week, she’ll probably better go away, because those attitudes reflect that he is a jealous man and wants to control her.
Receiving and not giving: Equity is the most important thing in any relationship, give what you would like to receive and at the measure that they give it to you. A man who is not interested in giving a woman emotional and $exual attention can never make her feel happy and completely satisfied.
Who does not introduce her to his friends and family: If he does not want to introduce her to his friends or family, maybe he never will. She’ll probably stay away if she’s really looking forward to going any further with the man.
Not interested in sharing her tastes: All people have different interests, but it is necessary that both try to get involved in each other’s issues and passions. If he does not strive to do it, she’s likely to lose interest in a matter of minutes.
Party fanatic: It is understandable that he wants to go out and have fun with his friends, but if a man is a party fanatic and does not include his partner, definitely any woman can lose interest because it does not make him anything special.
Talks a lot and does little: There is more than one man who uses words very well to conquer a woman’s ears, but hardly his actions reflect what they ‘say’ they feel. Women fall in love with deeds, not just words.

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