Read and advice please!…after 4 months of marriage, I discovered my husband is a car wash boy and not a car dealer .
This is a pathetic story of a beautiful young lady of 25 years who gets to know that her husband of four months is a car wash boy and not a car dealer as he had made her believe during courtship.
During courtship, the lady said he was always coming to visit her with different cars and when she asked him, he told her he is a car dealer.
25-year-old lady finds out her husband of 4 month is a car wash boy and not a car dealer
The truth was revealed when after four months into their union she discovered he works at a car wash bay.
Read the post she sent to NAIJ below seeking for help and advice:
I am 25years old. I have been married for 4 months now but I have really regretted and I need your help. Before I married my husband, he used to bring all sought of cars to visit me in my house and when I asked the job he does, he told me that he is a car dealer. Just 3 months after our marriage, I got to know that he.

works at a car washing bay. So the cars he brought to show to me were cars that were left for them to wash at the washing bay. How could he lie to me like that? How can I trust him in this marriage? The most painful part is that I am a graduate and I just got to know that he is not a graduate. Please help me because I am very confused.”
Na wa o!
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  1. U just try to get a better job and not to break the bond if child is involved

  2. Forgive him and ensure you ask him why he lied to you in a such a pathetic ways. But if you forgive and pray for his success, he can turn to be the car washing company owner one day, because no limit to success all he need is your encouragement and prayer and ensure he doesn't spend anyhow because they accumulate money on a daily basis