The happiest part of a marriage is having children.
However, not all persons have been lucky to have children. You might be wondering why you are yet to bear children. It is recommended to see a medical expert for assistance. In the meantime, here are 7 signs you might be infertile,
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1. Super Irregular periods
Are your periods irregular?
It does not mean you are infertile but you need attention. It is hard to track your menstrual cycle if your periods are irregular. Women with irregular periods end up frustrated when they realize they cannot bear children.
2. No periods at all
Lack of periods could spell doom for you. If you used to have periods when they stop all of a sudden it could mean you are infertile. It also means you are pregnant. Find out from the doctor as soon as possible
3. Hair Loss
There are different causes of hair loss. One of the reasons its infertility. However, it does not mean everyone who loses hair is infertile. Seek advice from a professional doctor if you have been losing your hair very fast in the recent past for examination and treatment

4. Your periods are heavy than normal
Too much menstrual bleeding could be sending a strong message about your fertility. Women who bleed excessively while on periods are likely to be infertile. Seek medical attention with immediate effect if you notice these changes in your life
5. Severe acne
Have you developed severe acne all of a sudden? Acne makes your skin change in color. Sudden acne could mean you have an issue with your reproductive system. You need an examination to determine what is wrong with you before you end up frustrated in marriage.

6. The growth of dark hair growing in new places
Did you notice the growth of dark hair in some places? The growth of dark hair could mean there is too much production of androgens in your ovaries. The hormone is often associated with infertility among women of different ages.

7. Too painful periods
Periods are often accompanied by pain. However, when the pain is too much then there is an alarming issue. If the periods have become too painful, it is recommended to visit a medical expert to find out the cause for the same before it is too late

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