Internal c*ndom or female c*ndom, is a non-h*rmonal barrier method of birth c*ntrol. But instead of going on a p*nis, it goes in a v*gina, which is why it’s also sometimes referred to as an internal c*ndom.
Below are some keys things to know about the female c*ndom;
1. It might provide greater protection against h*rpes.
That outer ring covers more surface area than a male c*ndom, meaning there’s less skin-to-skin g*nital contact during s*x. it is said that this could reduce the risk of tr*nsmitting skin-to-sk*n s*xual diseases like herpes or HP V, which male c*ndoms don’t fully protect against.

2. It might be difficult to use initially
This isn’t something you should break out for the first time right before you have s*x. It takes a little bit of practice, and when it comes to pregnancy and ST I pr*tection you don’t want to just risk it. It is recommended that the woman inserts it once or twice on her own to get used to it.

3. It comes very well l*bricated
As soon as you open this c*ndom, you’ll notice that it’s pretty well l*bed-up. But if you’re someone who likes using coc*nut oil or another oil-based l*bricant in bed, you’re free to do that with female c*ndoms, too.

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