Deep down, they may love women, but there are times
when they find
women really annoying. Ask any man and they’re sure to mention these nineteen habits that they hate about women. So, run through those points women and make sure you avoid these big g.
Jealousy mostly happens when women see their partner with other attractive women around them. If you too feel jealous about that, you’re absolutely normal. But when your jealousy goes to an agonizing degree it could put you in danger of losing cherished relationship. Some women allow the fang of jealousy to cling to their hearts, trying to tear it out and devour it. But, there’s a better way of letting your man know that you do not like him checking out other women. If you constantly bring up feelings of jealousy, it can often lead to a fight between the two of you and can ruin your relationship. Ignore those jealousy pangs, we say, even if you are longing to gouge out the eyes of the woman holding your man. Jealousy and possessiveness are not attractive qualities. They speak to your lack of self-esteem and your lack of trust.

What do men hate most in their women? Nagging. This is one trait no man loves. Some women love nagging. They complain ceaselessly. Women expect men to move it the minute they’re asked to do something. It doesn’t work that way. You’ve done your job of asking your partner to do something, so leave it to him. Nagging is like corporal punishment in high school; after a while the body adapts to it. Then it stops being effective. Remember, nagging is relationship destroyer. There’s nothing worse to a man than a woman who constantly find fault in everything her partner does. Don’t be that woman.
A lot of women pretend that they’re very understanding, loving and caring when new in a relationship, but as time passes, men get to see the other side of them. In the beginning, they try to pretend only later to become their real selves. Men don’t like it when women put on a show or pretend to be something they’re not. Men hate crocodile ones. They often say sorry not because they are but because they want our peace back. So, be yourself..
Jumping to conclusion
Women love jumping to conclusions to prove themselves right. Don’t make any assumption that you don’t have enough information to make. It bugs men when women falsely assume something that ends up being different from what they thought. It is more reasonable to play it save. Have an open mind. This will save both of you from unnecessary disagreements.

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