Image result for young nigerian sugar mummyI started engaging in c.exual activities when I was 8 years old and in primary 4, after I c@ught 2 adults engaging in a s*xual act. I was c@ught the second time by my parents and they flogged me mercilessly.
I stopped for a while until I went to live with my grandmother during my junior secondary school. My male cousin introduced me to p*rn, and from there we started having s*x. My female cousin too started fondling me.
When I finished JSS 3, I returned to live with my parents. I hated them and thought they didn’t love me. I decided to seek for the love I desired outside. I had my first boyfriend in SS1. While all this was going on, I was the head chorister in church and saw visions.
Before university, I had slept with 5 people. I noticed I could no longer hear God. I knew I was on the wrong path but the more I tried to stop, the deeper I fell.
All the relationships I entered into never lasted long because after every s*xual act, I felt bad and cut them off. After a short period, I would go back to the guys. Immediately I left any (relationship), I entered into another one. The devil always had an alternative for me.
I was such a curious person. I wanted to know what young ladies saw in dating older men so I decided to give in to a leader in church who was pestering me.
On a particular Sunday, my group pastor was addressing us and told us to confide in her if we had anything eating us up.
When I got home I called her. She counselled me and told me to go for deliverance and to see the assembly pastor. I thought that was all but few months after the deliverance I went back to the acts. When I tried to stop fornication, p*rnography set in.
During that period of my life, every time I went to church, all the sermons pointed at me. I knew God had been talking to me for more than 3 years, but even when I listened and repented immediately, I would still go back.
I decided to surrender my life in totality to him and God has been faithful. I now see visions and hear clearly from him. I also thought no one would ever accept me with my past but he has given me a fiancé who not only accepts my past but is willing to make me forget it all. #Unfiltered #RealStories

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