"There’s nothing wrong in f*cking a married man" - Nigerian lady, saysA young Nigerian lady wrote an Instagram message to psychologist, Joro Olumofin saying there’s nothing wrong in having an affair with a married man.
The lady identified as @blurry_diamond said the man provided her with a house and car, while also respecting and taking care of his wife.
See what she wrote below;
There’s nothing wrong in fucking a married man… I’m dating a married man and it doesn’t stop him from loving his wife… I don’t disrespect her….. He Pampers me alot… I’ve a car and house even a job all thanks to him… I know people will say nonsense but I know these girls pretend alot… He does everything for me he just doesn’t want me fu*king another man except my bf… He wants the best for me… He insisted I go for my postgraduate studies…
He treats his wife with respect and even spoils her silly… I’m not in competition with her at all… I’m on my |ane.. so no big deal in having side chicks just respect your wife..

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