if you are not happy with how your br*asts look it can cause discomfort. I’ve heard many times that it’s impossible to perk up your bre asts but in this video you will find how to have perfectly looking bre asts.
Lay on your back on a bench (use your bed or a mat if you don’t have access to a bench)
Take one 5-pound weight in each hand

Raise your arms straight above your chest
Then, lower them out to your sides as far as you can, like you’re an airplane
Now raise them up again, back above your chest
You’re going to do 3 sets of 10 of these every other day.
This is for the muscles under the brea sts, in your upper chest, and in your underarm area. In about one month, you’ll start to see the difference!
Tip 2: The Home Remedy: The only ingredient for this is v!rgin olive oil.. Lay in your bed, with some pillows behind your back. Taka some oil in your hands and rub them together. Place one hand on each bre ast and make small circles around both of them in a massaging motion. Make 10 circles around each brea st, and you’re done!
If you’ve got lots of excess oil, you can take it off with a towel but leave some on because the oil makes your skin more elastic .
Do this everyday or at least 3 times a week and it will make your brea sts more firm.
So these are my two tips for perky and firm bre asts!

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