Some men just can’t handle it. 

However don’t make them feel bad for it. Enlighten them and they’ll end up rocking your world eventually. Following these few steps will allow you to improve his bed game, so you can have a much better experience. It’s a win win.
Here are 7 ways to help bae last longer in bed: 

1. Start a c

2. Get on top. 

When you’re on top, you’re in charge. You can go fast, or slow things down when you feel like he’s about to get there.

3. Make a joke about it.

Make a light hearted comment on his bed game, and laugh together. He’ll probably get the memo and try better next time.

conversation while having s ex.

Try slow things down by distracting him with a conversation this way you can enjoy yourself for a much longer time.

4. Use a co ndom. 

Not only does it allow you to avoid unwanted pregnancy and sexual diseases, but it’ll probably help him last longer since he’s not exactly in direct contact (you know what I mean).

5. Just keep having more se x. 

The more he has it, the more he’ll get used to it. Soon you’ll be complaining about him lasting too long.

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