Image result for “My girlfriend earns N60k, but bought an iPhone of N400k” – Boyfriend lamentsRelationship adviser and love doctor, Joro Olumofin has shared on his page, the story of a young lady who earns a paltry sum of N60,000 per month but was able to cough out a whopping sum of N400,000 to buy an iPhone.
Her boyfriend is beginning to think about about leaving the relationship due to her high-spending nature.
Read how he shared his story below,
Hi Joro. My girlfriend used her whole money to buy iPhone. She works in customer care. Her salary is 60k per month. Last I peep her account balance it was 600k. I was even impressed. Now she bought phone of 400k. Is this wife material behavior?? I am so disappointed, If I talk she may say im enemy of progress because I’m using android. Is this not wrong ? My father always said arry a lady who can save and maintain a home. This is not saving behavior. Let me just know I’m single. Because I told my friend to check her account balance and she has 179k left. I’m irritated. Please advise me Joro. And share too.

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