Looking for the best s*x position to give your woman great pleasure? See the reasons why cow girl style is the best for couples.
For most couples, cow girl s*x is still the best position there is when it comes to bedroom matter! And experts say it doesn’t matter if you’re doing it regular, or if you are going for reverse, as either way feels amazing.

It allows a female complete control, and she can control the exact pace she wants to go at. In addition, it is one of the easiest and quickest ways to 0r gasm. And not only 0r gasm once, but it allows for repeat pleasure.

So, why did the jury give it to cow girl? These reasons…

Makes 0rgasm attainable: The great thing about cow girl is that it allows for great clit0ral simulation, which then leads to achieving 0r gasm easily and quickly. Plus, it is perfect for a quickie.
The view: It is one of the few s exual positions that actually allows the female to look down at the male, not vice versa. You can raise yourself up, wrap your legs around him and admire his reaction below you.

It doesn’t hurt: You actually get to control the exact angle and level of penetration, so there is no need to stop halfway through because of any pain. Instead, you get to set the threshold.

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