advised to take their time to know the women they want to marry. as it is hard to know whether she will make a good wife or not. However, there are some things that define a good woman. If she does these 5 things without being asked, marry her.
1. Shows you love

True Love has no conditions. If a woman loves you even before you ask her then she is real. True love is the recipe of happiness in a marriage. Never let go of a woman who shows you true love.
2. Accepts you the way you are
Everyone has his or her weaknesses. A woman who accepts you with all your weaknesses is God sent. Never frustrate such a woman because you are the best thing that has ever happened to her.

3. She keeps encouraging you to be better
A wife is a source of encourage. Never take for granted a woman who encourages you to become a better person. Your success is her success. She will be the happiest woman if you grow from strength to strength. Such a woman will make your life better if you decide to settle down with her forever.

4. Respects you
Respect is vital in a marriage. Men want women who respect them. If she respects you regardless of her age, financial status and looks among others, do not leave her.
5. Makes you laugh
Laughter makes you live longer. It is not easy to find a woman who brings laughter into your life. If you come across one then count yourself lucky.

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