If you have wondered why a girl has refused to sleep with you, then check out these tips to find out why.

Girls like s*x. It’s true…Even the ‘good girls.’ They’re only human, just like us lads. And their orgasms are supposedly ten times stronger than ours. Yet, there are certain situations that will nearly always stop girls giving it up, even when they really want to.
1. Lack of comfort
A cute chick could be massively attracted to you, but that won’t lead to s*x until she feels a certain level of comfort around you. Firstly, she needs to feel safe alone in your presence. You might be handsome, but you’re still a stranger who can overpower her. Secondly, she needs to feel some sort of emotional connection.
S*x is an emotional experience for her, so you’ll need to touch her heart before you touch her body. Don’t try and take her home the minute she admits she’s attracted. That’s a great way to make her uncomfortable. Instead, spend some time alone in public. Share stories, take her places, get to know her.

2. Slut-shaming
It’s frustrating that slut-shaming exists. Society shames girls who sleep with men they’ve just met, and most girls will place their reputation ahead of even the most gorgeous guy.
She’ll rarely admit she wants to have s*x with you, so be subtle in your attempts to get her into bed. A great first step is to get her away from her friends, where she’ll feel more free to release her s*xual side. As for pick-up lines, ‘Wanna f*uck?’ doesn’t work. ‘Back to mine for a DVD?’ might.
3. Bad logistics
Our slut-shaming society also tells her that getting s*x should not involve any effort on her part. Hence, she’ll nearly always reject a 90-minute night-bus journey for s*x. She won’t walk home in the rain or vacate any mates she’s looking after. She won’t mess up any important plans she has in the morning.

So, get your route and your excuse to go home sorted beforehand.
4. She feels ugly
This chick could look like the next Victoria’s Secret model to you, but there’s no telling how she’s feeling about her body. She could be on her period, feeling bloated, unshaven or paranoid about a small mole on her arm. These are perfectly rational reasons for her to reject s*x.

All four of these excuses might sound stupid to your average bro. But they’ve probably cost every player at least a couple of lays. So what’s the solution?

Some would say to just patiently wait for the right time and place. That if a girl really likes you, it’ll happen when it’s meant to happen. But, if you don’t want to wait for fate to get laid, you may want want to look for ways around these barricades. Try isolating the girl from her slut-shaming friends, building comfort by sharing personal stories and making sure you plan a stress-free route home. Keep things fun and fluid, so she doesn’t have time to dither on these downsides. It might just get you past the finish line faster.
– Thought Catalog

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