How do you know when it’s time to call it quits, versus when you’re just going through a rough patch? If several of these apply to you, and if you’ve worked on them to no avail or if it just feels too late, it could be time to cut the cord.
1. Everything Your Partner Does Bothers You
This is when a partner’s habit that didn’t bother you before makes nails on a chalkboard seem enjoyable. Maybe it’s that whistle habit he always had. Or maybe 97 percent of what she says gets on your nerves these days. If this is happening more and more, it could be a sign that you’re drifting apart

2. You’re Fighting Over Everthing
Fact: Fights happen. And some couples just naturally fight more than others. But if your argument pattern is changing and you’re starting to pick fights over the littlest, most insignificant things, that could be an indication that something’s awry

3. You Can’t Wait For Girls’ Night
If you’re scheduling more and more activities with friends—and turning to friends or family or other people to share the nuances of you life”—that’s a sign that something’s off

4. You’re Legit Interested In Other People
if you’re out with your friends and find yourself seriously flirting with and interested in other people, that likely means you’re not totally happy with the partner you’ve already got

5. You Have No Interest In Making Sacrifices For Him
Lots of us don’t get pumped about dinner with the in-laws or going to a partner’s work event, but we do it. Because that’s what love is. If you notice that you’re extra, extra uninterested in these kinds of activities, that they don’t even seem worth it to you, consider that a sign that you’re less invested in the relationship

6. You Can’t Picture The Future Together
Your lives really do have to fit together. If you imagine your life five, 10, 20 years from now and you can’t see your partner in it, you might want to ask yourself if that’s because he doesn’t belong there.
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