Image result for black couple happyI wish I could be besides you as you open those cute eyes.
Would brush my fingers by your hair and lay your hands aside.
Then I would say a prayer for today to protect you from falling.
Lastly I would take your hand in mine and wish u good morning.

~ Ronald Jane
You are the reason why happiness meets me every morning.
When I wake up a thought of you pops up without a warning.
Then you are always on my mind from morning until night.
Get up my love my heart says your day is going to be alright.
~ Weiss Strong
This morning I sent the sweetest voice of birds to wake you.
I sent the warmth of this morning to reach your heart too.
I’m doing it because you are the loveliest person I have met.
I love you and you are someone my heart will never forget.
~ Sharlene Twain

To my heart, times make no difference whether dawn or night.
My love for you is burning at all times like the sun so bright.
Every dream about you has made my heart more caring.
That is why I wish you a lovely good morning.
~ Marina Jet

Morning is the best time to remember how lucky I am.
You are my prized love, like an Oscar or a grand slam.
I remember the days when I was single, now we are two.
I cannot count the number of reason why I love you.
~ Scarlet Nervy

The first best thing that happened to me was when I met you. The second best was when one of us proposed and we fell in love. The third is to keep you forever. Good Morning Love! Have a great day!
I woke up this morning thinking of the smiles and laughter and all the happiness that we have experienced, all I want to say is I love you very much. Good Morning sweet heart!
~ Known to me

Morning is such a wonderful time to say what my heart feels.
Every time I think of you, my heart leaps and I get a little thrill.
I don’t know when it all started, someone stole my heart but how?
Let me send this good morning message and ask the robber now.
~ Sarah Gomez

A sip of morning tea will make you feel good.
The chirping  birds will soothe your mind as they should.
Lovely breeze from the mountains will calm you down.
And the entire morning you will have a smile, no frown.

~ Amber Luis
This morning I wish you
many occasions where people make you laugh. Times when you stare a the sky and think how blessed you are. Most of all I wish you a happy good morning.
~ Jessica MC Hammer

From the start of the sunrise until the time when it sets,
You are on my mind and this you should not forget,
Your problems I will punch away, sadness I will shove.
You are my darling for whom my heart overflows with love.
~ Angie Rogers
Many have heard me whisper and some have heard me shout.
As I confess my love for someone, morning all throughout.
The sun has heard me saying it and the birds have heard me too.
That every morning and everyday, I truly & deeply love you.
~ Omar Dallas

Sometimes I think about your smile and its feels bright and sunny.Then I think about your face and its feels sweet as honey.
Thinking about you my heart skips a beat without a warning.Loving you is like a new beginning, like the early morning.
~ Craig Lopez

Across the distances like the moon and the sun,
through the night to meet you by morning I will run.
Because the day I met you, I was totally stunned.
I cannot wait for the day when you and I become one.
~ Esther Mathis
As I looked outside the window, I thought about you.
Our friendship is precious to me, strong bonded by glue.
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We used to play fun games and go for exciting parties.
We would dress up well and act like smarties.
I miss those days and look up to see you in future,
every moment spent with you has made me more richer.

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