I am a little depressed now. i came here to seek counsel. i am 31 yr old male, works in a bank. have my own apartment and car, Quite comfortable. i am not and never have been in a very serious relationship. the few ones i tried never just works out. most times the ladies dont measure up, the few ones that did measure up were so much in a hurry to marry (maybe because they were older than i was )
my friends too wonder, they say with my status ladies should be all over me. they say i dont take them serious. i am not gay and wil never be.

i agree my job leaves me little room to go out because i work almost every day. in fact in a whole month i have just 2 free weekends. 2 days out of which i still go to work.

is there something i can do to be in a healthy relationship. i desire to have a balance.

Thanks in anticipation

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