I realized speaking to ladies is the most interesting aspect of my
life thus far, because there is always a lot to be said. This topic we want to handle today, I will write the English as simply as I can, because it is time for our girls to wise up, do not be the pity party guest
Many ladies are in relationships and they keep asking questions just to be sure they are doing the right thing or taking the right step. I must say I admire that because when you do not know and you ask questions most times you are guided properly but other times you could be led into the gutter.

Okay o! I have been in various conversations when ladies are asked if you find your man cheating what will you do. And then most of them give replies like I will walk away and never turn back, that’s modest but how many of us will walk away and feel that walking away was right and not want to blow the dust?
Here are 3 things you should never do when you get him cheating

Meet with the Girl:
What is it?!
Why will you want to do that. Most times this is the first step people think of, but NOOO!! You should be able to guide your worth, act the mature one and do not even make the lady realize you are aware of her existence. If the foundation of the relationship is right and you committed it to God at the beginning take it back to him as he is the only one who can solve the puzzle. Your mouth does not have the ability to change a man.
Condemn Him In Public:

This is one thing many ladies tend to do when they are faced with the issue of their man cheating on them. Remember, if you condemn him in the public it is more or less like washing your dirty linen outside, which should not be so. Bad character does not hide itself, do not go around wasting your valued time spreading stories to the world on how he is the worst person ever when you could invest it in doing better things. With silence you will give yourself the respect you deserve.
Apologize to Him:

Love and more love. Love is sweet but never allow the sweetness turn you to being foolish with your actions. He has wronged you, do not let him brain wash your thoughts by saying “no I did not do that, I was just….” and then you go saying I am sorry. That’s psychology he just used on you, do not apologize for the wrong he did, not when you saw it with your own eyes.

There are lots not to do but these are the few I will be stating. Kindly add yours in comment box below. Hope to hear from you.
What do you think about the advice? What can you add to the advice?

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  1. There's one problem with Nigerian ladies in these days which you didn't mention it's the fact that they all believe that it's normal and ok for their man to cheat on them while in a relationship
    My dear ladies don't ever start or go into a relationship with this kinda thought at the back of your mind it's the foundation for failure and an encouragement to the male ego that cheating on their girl is right