1. She will start to dress differently
A girl who likes you will suddenly step out of her sweats and suddenly catch your eye with a stellar wardrobe. So if you see that a girl you know is dressing up for you, she might like you.

2. She will start putting on more makeup
Shy girls often do not want too much attention drawn to them so they often avoid makeup. A girl who suddenly starts wearing makeup around you wants to look put together and attractive for you.

3. You’ll hear giggling when you pass by her friends
If you pass by her group of friends and you hear whispering and giggling in your direction it means they were discussing you! Don’t be alarmed, it just means they know their friend likes you and are excited for her. It is a definite sign a girl likes you.

4. Her friends will openly tease you
If you know her friends and they start teasing you about your plans over the weekend or your potential feelings for a girl, it means they are gathering intel! They want to know if you feel the same way, only to report back to their friend.

5. She’ll offer to help you in little ways
A girl who isn’t ready to tell you she likes you will offer to help you do little things. Maybe she’ll help you carry something or offer to tutor you. She wants to spend more time with you and she’s finding excuses to do so.

6. You’ll catch her looking at you
A girl’s stare will give her away. So if you notice bedroom eyes directed at you from across the classroom, that is a blatant sign she likes you. Consider approaching her.

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