A lady on Twitter, who seems to be a Nigerian, judging from her handle, @Loladesue is certainly not quite pleased let alone interested with Nigerian men.
She makes this clear in a tweet she sent in recently where she calls them “Unexposed, belligerent, unteachable desperately unrepentant dimwits” – wow! such strong words to describe the category of people that hold over 50% of the Nigerian population.
Loladesue is quite sorry for the women who are stuck dating, sleeping and dealing with this so-called dimwits. She wrote,
“I have said it before and I will say it again. I genuinely feel bad for Nigerian women stuck dealing with, sleeping with and dating Nigerian men, I wish you all had better options. The average Nigerian man is an unexposed, belligerent, unteachable, desperately unrepentant dimwit.”

Of course, her tweet stirred up controversy with many people lashing out at her for making such notion, most especially the guys… funnily, there’re some ladies who actually agree with her.
What do you think tho’?

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