"My Supposed 28 Years Old Boyfriend Shared Me With His Friends To Tempt Me" - Nigerian ladyRead below, as shared on a popular social media platform;
My experience dating a 28 years old stupid boy – Age and place of employment does not necessarily mean maturity.
I and my bf have been friends online before we finally decided to meet. After meeting, we mutually decided to start dating.
Unknown to me my bf had shared me with two of his friends to tempt me. Friend 1 chatted me up but I didn’t give him any attention so he stopped all conversations with me. Friend two chatted me up too but somehow he was able to get my attention. I however clearly told him I had a boyfriend and was not interested in any romantic relationship with him. He told me he didn’t have any issues with it but that we could still be friends.
I am a very sincere and open person and so I told my bf about my friendship with Friend two. I usually share screenshots of my conversations with Friend two with my bf. I did not hide any thing from him because I had no intentions to cheat. I was very transparent.
Little did I know that my bf on the other hand was also busy sharing everything that has transpired between us including very sensitive information like our sexual styles, the state of my vagina and even my financial status with his friend.
My bf told friend two to stop the game and leave me alone. Friend two refused. According to him, he realised I was not the slut my boyfriend painted me to be and thought I will be a great catch for a girlfriend.
To discourage him, my bf started slandering me to him.He even went to the extent of telling his friend that
the last time I visited, he didn’t enjoy the sex because my vagina was wide and that I had probably slept with some people before meeting him.
I had told friend two that the next time I visit my bf, I will endeavour to make arrangement so we can see too since him and bf stay in the same location. However on visiting my bf, I changed my mind and rather told him to visit my base if he really wants us to meet. He agreed to come around. I told my bf about my plan to meet friend two but didn’t tell him that friend two had agreed to come to my base.
Friend two told my bf of his plan to come and visit me in my base and that finally he is going to have his way with me. My bf tried to discourage him from coming but he refused.
My bf was then forced to confess what he had done but told me not to let his friend know he has told me.
I kept chatting and receiving calls from friend two without revealing to him that I knew what he was up to.
After 3 days, I decided to let friend two know that my bf told me about their game. He was shocked and started opening up all my bf told him about me.
He told me my bf never really loved me and that he was with me because he didn’t have to spend. I didn’t ask him for money and even when I come to visit, I don’t ask for tp.
Friend two also told me that my bf said I will be useful in his plans to relocate to Canada as he will convince me he wants us to marry, and that I should support him relocate first and then later when he is stable he will come back to Nigeria so we can wed and then he can bring me over. Meanwhile his actual plan is to relocate to Canada and marry a white girl for citizenship. I would never have suspected this could be my bf plans because he works in an averagely good place where he earns averagely well.
Friend two then advised me never to reveal my financial status to any man and to be selfish when I love. He said he still genuinely wants to date me and that he is sorry.
I am not stupid though. Friend 2 and my bf are idiots. I cannot date any one of them. I have blocked both of them.
This experience has shattered me though. I will never ever trust any man again even the man I marry. I used to believe in the idea of shared finances in marriage but not anymore. No managing with any man.
Men are scum. Love is a scam. The so called bf is a nairalander and I know he makes sensible comments here to deceive innocent girls who don’t actually know he is a fool and a scammer.

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