Lady narrates how a man called off his wedding over fiancée sex with a stranger six months agoA Twitter user Toochi Amakor has just shared a story of how a groom called off his wedding after finding out his bride to be had sex with a stranger six months back.
Read the thread below;
How do you react to being responsible for a wedding being called off?
My friend met this girl 6months ago while recuperating after his accident,one thing led to another and they had sex. It was nothing serious, she made it clear she had a serious relationship so it was just that one time but they kept in touch, chatting once in a while.
Anyways,she called my friend yesterday,crying and hysterical.. Apparently, she didn’t delete the chats and her bf(now fiancé) got to read the chats and dude wants to call the wedding off.
My friend called the fiance at her bequest, apologizing and saying that nothing happened,he just wanted to get his girlfriend jealous but dude is not buying the story.
Now, my friend is feeling really horrible and mad at himself and responsible for crashing this girl’s world.
I’m trying to console him and all I’m thinking is if this guy really loves her, why can’t he forgive her? Like, it happened just once 6 months ago.

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