A Nigerian Twitter user, @AirCoker took to her page to reveal how a man savagely turned down a female cashier.
Read the story below.
My mum and I went to a mini mart to get toiletries. While we were picking our items,a guy walks in. Looking around for things he wants to get. When it was time to pay. I noticed the Cashier girl was overly friendly to this guy. And she goes….
Ahh, you came alone today? He replies, My BABE traveled, but she’ll be back next weekend. She then says “your beards are fuller from the last time you came” And your shirt looks good on you, brings out your body. I looked at my mum and she gave me this look
Sha, the guy thanked her and smiled. Then Aunty goes “CAN I HAVE YOUR NUMBER”? so we can talk more and get to know each other better. “My Mum whispers to me ; I thought he made it clear he has a Babe”? I said its Shoot your shot season. He goes okay. Pack my Stuff…
I’ll give you before I leave. She does so with speed. And hands her phone to him smiling. He dials the numbers, hands her back her phone. And says “THAT’S MY BABE’S NUMBER, YOU CAN CALL HER AND ASK HER IF IT’S OKAY FOR YOU TO HAVE MY NUMBER”.”

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