Nigerian lady reveals she's starting a hookup for s*x website with no strings attachedA Nigerian woman residing abroad has revealed that she’s starting an agency that connects Nigerians to have s*x with no strings attached.
Controversial feminist, Nkechi Bianze said that what she is starting isn’t a brothel exactly as no one gets paid to have sex. What the agency does is connect two people who want to have casual sex. The agency more or less serves as a dating site, but in this case, clients aren’t meeting to go on dates but to have sex and get on with their lives.
She said the agency will start operations in Lagos, Abuja, Edo, Delta, Rivers and all the southeastern states of the country in August this year.
After she made the announcement on Facebook, social media users reacted massively. A lot of people called her out for promoting immorality.
Ironically, Nkechi revealed that a lot of Nigerians who are interested in signing up have contacted her already asking to be matched with sexual partners, even though the business hasn’t kicked off yet. Meaning, while people are condemning it publicly, they are secretly patronizing the business.
She said she is convinced the business will thrive in Nigeria because “Nigerians are one of the highest downloaders and watchers of online porn, including gay porns.”
Read her initial post and follow up posts about the sex agency below.

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