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Lots of ladies out there still face the challenge of having to argue with their man each time it’s time to have sεx, simply because he wouldn’t use a co.ndom.
Despite the worldwide campaign for people to engage in safe sεx and avoid contracting Sεxually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) or having unwanted pregnancies, a lot of guy still hate the idea of wearing co.ndoms.
1. He can’t find c.ondoms that fit: According to quora.com, 30 percent to 35 percent of men require a smaller than standard or more tailored-fit co.ndom while half of men require a medium or standard co.ndom. Medium-sized co.ndoms are the most readily available and are found in most stores, handed out for free in clinics and passed out at universities. Only 15 percent to 20 percent of men require a larger co.ndom, which means 80-85% of men do not actually need that glorified Magnum.
2. He’s doesn’t know how to find the right co.ndom: With search engines like Google and Yahoo, there are tons of information out there on just about anything, that includes tips on how to find the right co.ndom.

3. He thinks co.ndoms reduce pleasure: One of the major reasons why men refuse to wear co.ndoms is that they think it doesn’t have the same pleasurable sεnsation as going bare. While this may be true for some men, it’s still not an excuse to skip wearing a co.ndom. Brands like Durex Natural Feeling Lubricated Co.ndoms and Trojan Bareskin offer you and your lover the protection you need without compromising plεasure.

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