Image result for Ladies Listen!! See 10 Ways to Know for Sure if Your Guy Wants to Marry You#1 “We.” Does he use the word “we” whenever he’s referring to the both of you as a couple? It’s more than just a simple pronoun, it’s usage and context can give you clues about how involved he is with you. Many married couples also use “we” whenever they’re talking about themselves because each decision they make is a joint decision.
For instance, when a friend asks about his vacation plans, his response may be, “We’re thinking of going backpacking through Europe this summer.” His friend would already know who “we” refers to. Statements like this show that whenever he has plans, you’re included, too.
#2 He believes in marriage. There are some people who have lost faith in the sanctity of marriage thanks to the rising divorce rates. But not your guy. He maintains the belief that marriage is something worth fighting for.
Even if people are leaving their spouses, cheating and getting separations, he wants to give it a shot. And he thinks that you and he won’t be just another statistic in a divorce chart.
#3 He doesn’t gag when he sees people posting about weddings. Social media is rife with people who constantly post about weddings. Some have countdowns leading up to the big day. Others post pictures of their wedding day months after the actual event.
Your guy may not be a huge fan of this, and he may think that daily posts about some person’s wedding are a bit much. But he may say that ‘when’ *not if!* he gets married, he won’t be as obsessive about it on social media as a ton of other people.

#4 He’s super comfortable around you. Having your guy hang out in his boxers and socks isn’t the most romantic thing. But your guy has already dropped the romance act and has opted be more relaxed and at ease when he’s around you.
That doesn’t mean he’s “letting himself go.” It just means that whenever he’s around you, he feels like he’s home and there’s no need to put on a mask. And it’s not just about the way he presents himself, he’s also able to show you a side of himself that very few people are able to see.
#5 His family starts to treat you like family too. He takes you with him whenever he’s meeting his family members. You’re already on a first name basis with most of his relatives, and they know more about you than just your first name. You’re also as comfortable around his relatives as they are with you, as evidenced in how well you can hold up a conversation with his parents, siblings and other close relatives.
Meeting the parents and getting to know the family is just the first step. But once you’re already a permanent fixture by his side during family functions, soon enough you just might become a member of the family.

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