We have shared a few tips for men who would like to know what to look for if they suspect their partners of having a Se xually Transmitted Disease.
It is also possible for men to be less-than-forthcoming if something is not right down there. So, ladies, look out for these signs so you know when to be extra careful.
1. Sores: Just like with ladies, some STDs, usually reveal them themselves as sores or blisters. Basically, if anything looks unnatural on your man’s penis, then you should be extra careful.
2. Swollen test icles/pe nis head: If this is a regular partner and you suddenly notice his testicles or the head of his penis look swollen, then something could be wrong.
3. Pain during ejac ulation or urination: If you notice he experiences pain when he pees or when he cums, you should bring it up and urge him to see someone about it.

4. Abnormal discharge: Not only will the discharge be of an abnormal colour, it also comes with an odd odor. If it looks or smells different, you should take necessary measures.
To be on the safer side, always use a condom if you are se xually active and are unsure of the sexual activities of your partner.

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