Juliet Ibrahim questions
Ghanaian Actress, Juliet Ibrahim has questioned why some men do not like to take care of their women.
She is of the view that a man must take care of his woman, whether she is well to do or not.

In an Instagram post she made, Juliet’s question seems to suggest that, during the time she was dating Iceberg, her ex Nigerian boyfriend, he was not spending on her because he felt she was well-to-do so there’s no need to spend on her.
She also added that if a man does not take care of his woman, another man would do so for him. Could this be the reason why her relationship with Iceberg ended?
That because Iceberg was not taking care of her, another person was willing to do so and for that reason felt it was not necessary to be locked up in a relationship, that the man was not giving her anything —Perhaps just sex!
Juliet full post which was accompanied by a beautiful image of her read:
“I do not understand Men who don’t take care of their women, all in the name of “She’s independent. If you don’t take care of her my brother someone else will. #OpenGistWithJuliet.”

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