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This was what happened.
So there is this girl i saw around campus in may…i was attracted to her…..we got along and i got to discover she attends same fellowship as me, but not a regular member….we started chatting and calling once in a while , she doesn’t for me, infact she was just too friendly…. I kinda developed feelings for her and i was planning to ask her out soon.
So couple of days ago i told her i was coming to visit her today,so after service we went straight to her place, she told me got nothing to offer me…then she brought a bottle of groundnut(i told her i love groundnut) then i sat on d bed while she sat on a chair opposite me, then we started talking.At a point she became restless, walking up and down d room, she went to a corner of d room and changed her cloth, the one she wore has “yes i do” boldly written on it, then a call came from a guy , then d guy asked her is she at home, she no that she is about to go out.

Then she told me she want to take her bath before going out, i told her to go ahead so that when she is done, we can go together…..she agreed… But she never took her bath…she was even restless d more…. Asked her what’s wrong..she said she doesn’t know….i was thinking alot things, trying to figure out d reason for d weird behaviour but couldn’t.
Her roommate came back from church, then i told her i was going….she them see me off…. I spent over 30mins there.What message do u think this girl is trying to pass cos am confused.
I will read your comments.

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