Most of us don’t really compare v*gi*as with other people, which means that when you think about your own body, it’s easy to convince yourself that what’s going on with it is not normal.
However, vaginas might obviously share certain characteristics, otherwise they wouldn’t be able to be all called v*gin*s, but everyone is unique. Have a look at the few ways all v*gin*s are different.
1. The colour of your p*bic h*ir
P*bic h*ir is like the hair on our heads, it can vary greatly. Some can be dark blonde, and some can be blackest black. And of course there are countless other shades in between all of those.
2. The colour of it
V*gin*s are going to be different colors because of our different skin tones, but there can be color variations among people with very similar skin tones. Some v*gs can be more pink while others can be more brown. And you might notice that different parts of your v*gi*a are different colors.
3. How much p*bic h*ir you have
If we’re looking at vaginas in their natural state, you will find that some just seem to have a light dusting of hair while others have a thick, bountiful supply. Then there are those who fall in the middle. And the placement can also vary. Some hair is focused on the v*lva while others seem to have hair just south of the bellybutton down to their thighs.

4. How heavy your p*riod is
There are others who have lighter periods. Then there are people who have p*riods that last a few days. But then there are those who have p*riods that can last over a week. And of course, we know things can change as we get older.
5. The size and shape of your l*bia
L*bia are all different. And chances are your labia aren’t perfectly balanced, either. Some people have long ones; others have short ones that aren’t that visible. Some are fat while others are thin. There are so many different shapes and no matter what shape yours are, they are almost definitely normal.

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