Related imageWe know the p*sition you are thinking of is: you, on your back, and your ba* either on t*p of you or next to you. To be honest, that’s a pretty common position that girls are pretty used to, and there is nothing wrong with that.
But, there are some ways to spice it up a bit when it comes to getting it on, and you need to know about them. When you’re being fi*gered, it’s important that you are having fun and comfortable too. Below are some of the fi*gering positions.
1. The sp*on fi*gering
Maybe you’ve tried the sex version of this one, but if you’re not really feeling it, you can still get fingered in this position! Maybe you and ba* are c**dling and they just so happen to reach d*wn there and f*nger you. It’s an easy and q*ick way to get fi*gered!
2. The closed for business
Not only can you get f*ngered during this p*sition, but your ba* can also use their m*uth, which is a plus. L*y down and have them use their m*uth while also ke**ing a hand inside of you. It sounds complicated, but practice makes perfect!

3. The ma*handle
Who says you have to be laying down to get fi*gered? Spoiler alert: you don’t! Have your ba* stand behind you and lead their h*nds to where you want to be touched. It’s easy and definitely different.

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