Image result for 6 Signs Your Loving Man Has Stopped Caring About YouThe first thing you must do to stop your breakup is communicate. Communication is the key behind every human relationship and not only with someone you are romantically involved with. If your husband or wife doesn’t spend enough time with you on weekends, tell them. When you avoid simple basic problems in a relationship, they usually spiral out of control into bigger problems down the line and you won’t even remember how both of you got there. Open honest communication is the best way to successfully stop breakup.
Secondly, pinpoint the problem and fix it. All relationships end in a breakup from a relationship catalyst—no exceptions. For example your chemistry may have died, or maybe your partner stopped being serious about your relationship or cheated on you. It’s important to find a solution to this problem if you want to stop your breakup and get back together. If your partner is being insensitive, use tip one—communication to express your displeasure about it.
Lastly, it is important that you are patient. Relationships take time and effort to work; don’t expect to fix a relationship overnight. If you want to stop your breakup and make it work long term be prepared to put sufficient time, effort and resources into making it work. It may takes months of therapy for some couples who have been married for years to fix deep seated problems.
Now that you know how to stop a break up, use these tips immediately to work to mend your relationship, even if it is on the verge of breaking up.

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