A Twitter user has taken to the microblogging platform to recount how his fiancé cheated on him with his younger brother and got pregnant in the process.
According to the user, he forgave her and his brother because he loves the both of them dearly and at the end of the day, love conquers all.
He says his wife has given birth to the kid and all three of them will raise the child together… below is what he shared on his Twitter page,

My pregnant fiancé cheated on me with my lil brother in October 2017 & I nearly committed suicide💔 they both profusely apologised & the hardest thing was forgiving them but I did cause I love em both. Last night my shawty gave birth & my lil bro is the father. I literally cried.
But realised how much I’ve cheated on her & how many times she’d forgive me💔 so I’ll heal through a reciprocity of vulnerability. When you deeply love someone you’ll forgive them no matter what they do & forgiving is actually part of love. 🙏& I love this woman with all my heart.
Last night I kissed my beautiful fiancé “The Queen of my heart” on her forehead & told her “Baby we are going to raise our daughter together & my lil brother is also gonna be the part of her life cause we cant punish an innocent child & It’s fair to the baby to have both parents”
Eversince Sne & I met, she has never cheated on me with other niggas not even once, with my bro I understand cause I was not there when she probably needed me the most & my bro was there & sometimes I thank God she cheated on me with my own flesh & blood than some random nigga🙏
Anyway our Zulu culture allows us to re-marry or marry our brother’s wives/girlfriends when they’re dead, so what I did hopefully some of y’all learn to forgive especially when you truly & profoundly love someone. My bro’s child is my child & we Gonna raise ubaby Nosipho together.
Real love conquers all

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